Soap and warm water are recommended for cleaning AR-coated lenses. Avoid using ammonia-based cleaner, acetone, aerosol-based cleaner as these may damage the AR coating layer. Also avoid ultrasonic cleaners. Do not clean using tissues, paper towers, clothing or other cloth which can scratch your lenses. Following the maintenance instruction will ensure that your AR lenses last a longer time.


  1. Rinse the lens under lukewarm tap water.
2. Place a small drop of mild hand sop or diswashing liquid on each lens. Avoid using soaps with creams that     leave deposits on the lens or abrasive soaps that may scratch the lenses.
3. Gently rub the soap on both sides of the lens with your fingers, then rinse under the tap.
4. Use a clean, or special microfiber cloth available from your optical dispensary to gently wipe each lens     dry. Remember to wash the microfiber once a week to avoid an accumulation of body oils.
5. Do not polish your lenses when just remove the water.
6. Remember to store your glasses in a protective case when not wearing.