Polycarbonate is very resistant to tints. To tint polycarbonate lenses, one must tint the scratch resistant coating. The tougher the scratch resistance, the harder it is to be tinted.  



1. Prepare dye baths with fresh dyes in accordance with manufacturer instruction.
2. Mix the tints with distilled water. This will eliminate the possibility to any mineral contamination that may
    exist in your local water supply.
3. Mix and stir the tints well. Also, continue to stir the tints at regular intervals.
4. Always check the temperature of your tint bath with a quality laboratory thermometer to ensure that the     operating temperature of the tint is between 96℃ to 99℃ (205℉~210℉)
5. Make sure the lenses are from the same manufacturer and the same type.
6. Tint the sample for 15 minutes. For darker tint, leave in bath for up to 30 minutes. We do not
     recommend to tint the lens more than 30 minutes.
7. Rinse and dry.