SUNBALANCE S6 polycarbonate photochromic lens is an intelligent lens because it adjusts itself to varying light conditions. The colors lighten and darken with amazing speed. SUNBALANCE S6 lens has the fast activation and deactivation rate compared with other PC photochromic lenses.
The combination of polycarbonate material and photochromic coating is perfect choice for all patients because it absorbs virtually all the UV and protects the wearer from the above health risks as well as ensures the best impact protection.
SUNBALANCE S6 lenses are clear indoors and when exposed to sunlight darken to 70% abs within 2 minutes . Lenses fade back to 30% abs within 3 minutes.

Patients can wear SUNBALANCE S6 indoors and outdoors without switching between sunglasses and clear prescription lenses.

The lenses are available in two attractive colors- grey and brown color.